The 4 Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking

Did You Know There Are Two Types of People in the World?

Those who instinctively know that the answer to all their true desires lies within themselves and those who choose to believe their answer lies outside of themselves.

If you’re the type that thinks everything will be alright if you could just win the lottery, or change job or move house then this video series is not for you.

However if you are the sort of person who knows that for things to be different you have to be prepared to do things differently; then this is definitely for you.

The problem is it’s very difficult to see a different way of doing things when all you have to work with is your own way of seeing the world. I know from personal experience.

That’s why I’ve developed The 4 Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking and created them as a video series.

In this video series you will get powerful and persuasive insights into the way your mind actually works so you can create a new thinking framework and start making the changes you are looking for; whether in your professional or personal life.

  • In video 1 you will discover your journey. You started your journey at birth and have been on it ever since. In video 1 you will bring into your conscious mind your journey. Most people never stop to think about their journey so they are destined to repeat the same behaviours time after time and they then wonder why things don’t change.
  • Video 2 is about your Map. Your map is just one of the mechanisms you use to make sense of the world. We all have a map of the world that is based on our individual experiences. This why we all see the world differently. Most people don’t understand that their view of the world is unique and that until they start to see different perspectives they will only be able to create the same landscapes.
  • In video 3 you will look at your Compass. Your compass what you use to keep you on the path you wanted to travel. If your compass is not calibrated properly it cannot keep you on course. Most people are trying to navigate their journey with a broken compass.
  • Video 4 is about your Lens. Your lens acts as a filter through which all the information your brain processes has to pass. Unfortunately your lens is not crystal clear it has blemishes and smears which distort what you perceive and believe to be true.

The videos; and the exercises that accompany them in the Empowered Thinking Workbook have been designed to help you look into these 4 aspects of yourself so you can start on your the next phase of your journey immediately.

If you are the type of person who can take responsibility for the results they achieve in the world then The 4 Golden Rules will help you create a new path to understanding the true cause of the results you’ve been getting so you can start to achieve the results you really want.

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