About Dene Stuart

Dene Stuart is a pioneer in the field of Personal Mastery. He is a three time author

He helps people to develop their personal thinking strategies so they can create the future they really want to live.

Frustrated with the personal development programmes, life coaching, personal coaching and counselling models available to him when he needed help and support, he ended up navigating his way through with little outside help.

The cause of his frustration was a simple phrase : The Answer Lies Within You.

Whilst all of the programmes he investigated were willing, keen and able to tell him that the answer lay within him, they were less willing to tell him what the answer was.

If you are anything like Dene there will have been times in your life when the challenges you faced seemed insurmountable and the help available seemed irrelevant and inadequate for your needs.

After years of research and trial and error Dene finally was able to reach the conclusion that the answer really did lie inside him but the difference was this was no longer an act of blind faith. It was based on an understanding of the way the brain really works, the difference between brain and the mind and the last element; the difference between the mind and your thinking. When you understand this, the idea that the answer lies within you becomes obvious rather than an idea of trust.

Are you stuck in a rut, frustrated and wanting to make a fresh start? If so; this FREE and unique training is for you.

Dene is a qualified practitioner in Personality Profiling and Emotional Intelligence and has delivered training in these areas to hundreds of people in one to one coaching programmes, workshops and talks to business groups and students. He has twenty years experience in high pressure senior corporate roles and has started, developed and closed several businesses. He has enjoyed significant success, and has come through personal and business failure.

It this richness of experience that enabled Dene to have his insights into “Thinking” which make him such a real person to work with.

If you are like the people Dene usually works with you are looking to achieve more but are not certain how to go about it. Whether it’s being more effective at work, at home or you are looking to achieve a better balance between these facets of life or you might be wanting branch out in a new direction, The Thinking Revolution will help you find the answer within you.

What Dene Isn’t

Dene is not a life coach, a counsellor or a therapist. He describes himself more as a pilot.

“If someone wants to go to San Francisco they get on board a plane and trust that the pilot will get them there on time. The pilot’s role is to keep their passengers on course, on time and safe. There might be some turbulence along the way and there will be times when you are diverted because of bad weather but the pilot’s job is to get you to your end destination. There’s a reason that pilots take years to train; it’s a job carrying a great deal of responsibility.”