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Do You Manage Your Mind The Same Way You Manage Your Business?

In my experience, the development path for most small to medium size businesses is as follows. A passionate and driven individual, possibly you, starts a new business because they have a dream. A vision of the future which involves them creating a new life for themselves, their families and making life better in some way [...]

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What Is a Thinking Revolution? And Why You Need One.

Over 2,500 years ago, a great Chinese philosopher said: Watch your thoughts – they become your words Watch your words – they become your actions Watch your actions – they become your habits Watch your habits – they become your character Watch your character – it becomes your destiny But he conceived this amazing insight [...]

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The Day I Became an Honorary Woman

Thursday 8th March 2018 was the day I became an honorary woman for the day. It was International Women’s Day and I was in Manchester to deliver my presentation on Personal Mastery, to a room of 30 independent business women. What an experience. As the only man speaking at the event; the other 5 speakers [...]

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How much energy are you watsing?

The Smart Meter I Really Want.

Have you noticed the ads that are running for smart meters that measure our domestic electricity and gas usage? The blurb says the objective is that they will help us make better decisions about our energy consumption and make it easier for us to change supplier. But, being an avid conspiracy theorist, I can see [...]

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It Was Just Meant To Be

I’d just finished doing a bit of shopping, after a well-earned couple of hours relaxing at my local Café Nero, reading the paper over a long cup of coffee. Having walked about two hundred yards back towards home I realised, with a start, that I hadn’t got what I’d really come out for; my lunch. [...]

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The Phone Call That Changed My Life

It was the sound you dread; the telephone ringing at 3.00am. But not the mobile, the landline. It took me a while to realise it was my phone. I was in a deep sleep and at first it seemed to be coming from outside but slowly I ascended into wakefulness and could hear the sound [...]

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My Foggy Enlightenment

Yesterday was a great day. I was at an amazing converted barn in the middle of the Kent countryside for some digital marketing training. It’s all part of the process that’s taking me forward into uncharted areas of experience as I look to scale my business. It’s another big investment but again I’m working with [...]

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Do Dachshunds Know They Have Short Legs?

I watched two amazing TV programs last night. The first was Horizon and it was about why Earth, as far as we know right now, is the Goldilocks planet. It’s not too close or too far from the Sun; which means it’s not too hot or cold. There’s not too much or too little oxygen [...]

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Of Mice and Men

I got back to Schiphol for my 7.00 flight at 4.00 on Friday afternoon with my colleague David and we went our separate ways to check-in; me with BA and him with EasyJet. I’d looked at the prices for EasyJet but after baggage was included there was only a £10 difference in cost. However two [...]

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The Importance of Words

I love Schiphol airport. When you arrive on BA you’re at the farthest point from the baggage reclaim and the passport control. The step meter on my phone recorded it as 1700 steps and I was carrying my computer, which with all the other stuff in the bag, weighed in at about 7kg’s. So all [...]

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Who’s Running the Show?

When I was young I used to love it when dad took us out for something to eat. It was a real treat until something happened that would set him off. As there is no longer any point in my trying to hide my age from you I’m happy to reveal that one of my [...]

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It’s a Game for Consenting Adults

Many years ago, when I was still in the world of advertising, the organisation I was with was going through some major changes and I had a sense that they didn’t bode well for me. So I embarked on a strategic review of the marketplace, using a technique known as Scenario Planning, to demonstrate to [...]

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What an Inspiring Day

Well that’s three years and about £45,000 over and done with. Those weren’t my thoughts, as I watched my son receive his BSc at Leeds University, they were actually his words as we had a drink together afterwards. It all seems a bit transactional when you put it in those terms; of years taken and [...]

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It's how you average performance improves

Knock Out the Highs and Lows

What a weekend! I had an amazing call with a client on Saturday morning, then did the toughest workout yet at the gym, had a wander into to town to get some provisions in and then settled to get on with some work. I’ve got so much to do at the moment; writing scripts for [...]

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Mindset Or Mind Set?

Have you heard the one about the chap who had a mind like concrete? – Thoroughly mixed up and set rock hard. Well mindset is something I work hard on for myself and also with my clients. You can see how mindset affects everything we do, if you are aware of it and become conscious [...]

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Do You Do Random?

Yesterday I had a meeting with a chap I’d been connected to for some time but never sat down with and chatted. To meet him I had to go to London which meant a walk to the station and getting on a train, a cost in terms of time and money. I had a lot [...]

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The truth will set you free

The Truth Will Set You Free

If you’re like me you’ve heard the maxim “The truth will set you free” many times but it was only when I decided to research where it comes that I discovered it’s a quote from the bible. The only relevance of that piece of information is that when we know the source of something; whether [...]

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The power of the poet

The Power Of The Poet

I’ve never really understood poetry but there have been some poems that have hugely influenced me. The first was “If” by Rudyard Kipling and it still influences me today. For some it’s a cliché and for others Kipling represents everything that was wrong with the British Empire. Which is a shame because he wrote some [...]

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