Do You Do Random?

Yesterday I had a meeting with a chap I’d been connected to for some time but never sat down with and chatted.

To meet him I had to go to London which meant a walk to the station and getting on a train, a cost in terms of time and money.

I had a lot of things to do and my mind was telling me I could do without the hassle of the trip. There was no real agenda to the meeting and I didn’t know what value there would be. It felt like another random meeting that I could afford to postpone or miss.

The reality for me is that meetings like this one, once postponed rarely get remade.

Something inside told me to keep the appointment and so I made my way to Gordon’s Wine Bar in Villiers St, near Embankment Tube, where we’d agreed to meet.

I arrived about ten minutes early and went down the dark stairs into the even darker catacomb that was the bar. It was like been transported back in time to the days of smugglers and men being press ganged into service.

Benefit number 1: I now had a new venue to take my friends from America next time they came over, they would just love it, and anyone else who wanted to experience old London.

Phil duly arrived on time and we proceeded to chat about what we each did. He was politely interested in me and my business and then it was my turn to listen to him.

Benefit number 2: Within minutes my mind was racing. Possibilities and opportunities were coming to mind. Introductions that I could make that would add value to those people and options for my own business that would not have come to me if I’d decided to postpone the meeting.

Random can seem like a waste of time and money but that’s the beauty of it, you never know.

When you accept randomness into your life you have to also develop a truly open mind to the possibilities that might exist.

And that’s where opportunity lies.

Dean Stuart's SignatureDene Stuart
Chief Thinking Officer


Dene is a qualified practitioner in Personality Profiling and Emotional Intelligence and has delivered training in these areas to hundreds of people in one to one coaching programmes, workshops and talks to business groups and students. He has twenty years experience in high pressure senior corporate roles and has started, developed and closed several businesses. He has enjoyed significant success, and has come through personal and business failure.