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Do you ever think about the way you think?

The Beginner’s Guide is a FREE PDF EBook that brings together the latest thinking from neuro-science, psychology and other leading edge areas of research including biology and behavioural economics.

The core message is very simple: your conscious and unconscious behaviours, choices and decisions all flow from these three aspects of brain, mind and thinking.

I chose to learn about the brain and thinking because I realised that it was my thinking that had caused me to go through some very difficult times and the only way out was to change the way I thought about myself and the world.

I discovered that you only need to know a little bit about how the brain works and it makes it easier to get control of your mind and therefore direct your thoughts in ways that will serve you more effectively.

You only need to know a little about the brain to make a big difference to the way you think!

The Beginner’s Guide has been written in an easy to read style that makes the concepts and ideas easy to understand and relate to day to day life. It includes real life examples and some exercises to get you thinking about the way you think.

What makes it different is that I’m not a psychologist so it is not written from a scientific perspective. I’m a businessman and I wrote it because I have experienced some very testing times. It was learning about the workings of the brain and the mind and how they affect the way we think that helped me come through.

I know that I am not the only person who has had to deal with testing times and I know that what I went through was by no means the worst and that many others have had to go through much more difficult experiences.

But, encouraged by friends, I decided to put what I had learned onto paper and make it available.

The Beginner’s Guide will help you understand the difference between your brain, your mind and your thinking and when you understand this difference you are well on the road to move from a state of unconscious awareness to a state of consciousness that will empower you to make changes in the way you think that will enable you to make big changes in your life.

I know, because I’ve done it.

So who am I?

Dene at Book Launch

This is me delivering one of the many talks and seminars I do every year.

I haven’t always done this. For 25 years I was in the corporate world, I reached the heights with the big salary and expense account and I’ve been made redundant, twice.

I was married for twenty years before it fell apart and I found myself divorced and on my own.

It was only when I accepted that it was my thinking that had caused me to lose my career and my marriage that I was able to start moving forward again and create the exciting life I now enjoy.

There’s more in the Beginner’s Guide so you can get a better idea of who I am and my credentials.

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Dene has invested an awful of effort, reading and work to create The Beginner's Guide To The Brain,The Mind and Thinking. It reminded me of Jules Verne's Around The World in 80 days. The feeling I had after reading the book could be summarised as "around psychology, neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology in forty pages". It is presented in an original way that is ideally suited to the non-expert but someone who is interested in the workings of the brain and how we think.

Dr Z Bobich Founder of the Janus Clinic Psychology Consultants Ltd

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The Beginner's Guide

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Good luck and I hope that the Beginner’s Guide helps you to take your thinking to the next level.

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Chief Thinking Officer

Download Your FREE Copy of The Beginner’s Guide to The Brain, The Mind and Thinking

The Beginner's Guide

A fascinating insight into something most of us take for granted – our inner voice. Littered with ‘aha!’ moments, each skillfully linked to common phenomenon that usually go unquestioned. This book will not only enrich your understanding of the human condition, it will help you recognise the possibilities that surround you every day.

Chris Shaw Vice Chairman Advantage Business Partnerships