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Recent research by The Gallup Organisation suggests that as many as 83% of people are disengaged from the work they do and the organisations they work for. According to The HSE workplace stress accounted for nearly half of all days lost to sickness last year.

And these are just the official figures they do not include those who just put on their “stiff upper lip” and get on with things.

If you ever feel that work is getting on top of you or perhaps the pressures of work and home together are getting too much there is a way through.

Empowered Thinking

The Four Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking is a FREE series of 4 videos that lays out the core principles of establishing empowered thinking.

What is Empowered Thinking?

Empowered Thinking is a mindset that equips you to deal with the uncertainties that life throws at you and to hold your needs and ambitions in equal importance to all the other calls on your time and energy.

What I learnt from twenty five years in the corporate world…

…and ten years in running my own businesses is that a state of empowered thinking is not only quite a rare thing it is also a very misunderstood state of mind.

The problem is it’s very difficult to see a different way of doing things when all you have to work with is your own way of seeing the world. I know from personal experience.

In my experience most people get their feeling of empowerment from their position or to put it plainly, from their job title. The trouble is that this is empowerment from…

…the outside – in.

If your feelings of empowerment from the inside are in harmony with the empowerment you have been given from the outside then you should be feeling excited and fulfilled by the life and prospects you have. But if they are not then you will experience disharmony and this is the cause of ALL work related stress.

Disharmony can occur when you feel that your job demands too much of you or it demands too little of you. However the nature of the way our minds work means you might not be consciously aware of this disharmony; but you will be aware of the symptoms.

  1. You feel life is passing you by and that you haven’t yet achieved what you wanted to.
  2. Overwhelm: the feeling that you have too many demands on your time and your energy from both work and home.
  3. Resentment: the feeling that people do not recognise your value and the contribution you make.
  4. Frustration: This can take two forms. Frustration with colleagues who cannot see the opportunities that you do and hold you back. Or; it can take the form of frustration at your own inability to get on top of your “to do” list.
  5. Irritability: People start to get on your nerves and your level of tolerance falls.
  6. Anger: Anger develops when frustrations have been present for some time and there has been no resolution of the cause. Left to fester; feelings of anger can develop into behaviours that are self-destructive and can threaten career and relationship prospects.
  7. Depression: Depression has many levels but will commonly show itself as a loss of energy, loss of humour, small issues seeming as big problems, difficulty sleeping, general loss of interest including sex drive.
  8. Physical symptoms: Loss of appetite or over-eating. Drinking too much and too frequently, constant fatigue, headaches, palpitations and other signs of anxiety.

(This list is just a sample of possible symptoms of dis-empowered thinking)

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If you’re wondering how I know about this it’s because I went through it and I didn’t recognise it until it was too late. As a result I lost my career and I lost my marriage.

The Four Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking are the result of me putting together, in an easy to follow format, the processes that I discovered and that enabled me to get out of the depression, frustration and anger that were so destructive in my life.

Understanding and embracing the principles of Empowered Thinking has enabled me to rebuild, rediscover my energy and motivation and create a new future that looks exciting and is full of opportunity.

Why am I giving this away for free?

If the Four Golden Rules are of interest to you then you are someone who is interested in developing yourself. You are likely to have a sense of the potential that exists inside you but are perhaps finding it difficult to express it and bring it to fruition.

The Four Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking will help you to resolve the disharmony that you are probably feeling. You will also come to see that this is just part of the journey you are on, that we are all on. And it will give you a chance to “meet” me.

That is why I am giving this series away, to those who are interested in receiving it. I am interested in meeting people who want to unleash their potential and become the person they know they can be. To be clear: if you are the type of person who wants to live to their full potential then I would like to work with you and this is a chance for you to see if you would like to work with me: not necessarily now but maybe sometime in the future when you are ready to take the next step on your journey.

So who am I?

Dene at Book Launch

This is me delivering one of the many talks and seminars I do every year.

I haven’t always done this. For 25 years I was in the corporate world, I reached the heights; with the big salary and expense account and I’ve been made redundant, twice. I’ve also had ten years of running my own businesses.

I was married for twenty years before it fell apart and I found myself divorced.

It was only when I understood and accepted that it was my dis-empowered thinking that had caused me to lose my career and my marriage that I was able to start moving forward again and create the exciting life I now enjoy.


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Discover The Secret To Making A New Start

Are you stuck in a rut, frustrated and wanting to make a fresh start? If so; this FREE and unique training is for you.

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Good luck and I hope that the Four Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking help you to take your thinking to the next level.

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Chief Thinking Officer

Discover The Secret To Making A New Start

Are you stuck in a rut, frustrated and wanting to make a fresh start? If so; this FREE and unique training is for you.