ReNeW is my premium 1-2-1 coaching programme aimed at helping to you identify your true personal ambitions and create a viable, realistic path to achieving them.

When it comes to dreams and ambitions most people dismiss them as wishful thinking that exists in a parallel world and which has no place in the real world.

Their main concern is getting on with the day to day realities of keeping their job or running their business so they can carry on paying their bills and hopefully enjoying their annual holidays etcetera.

However, There is a problem with this way of thinking.

Your dreams are your dreams and it doesn’t matter how you try to ignore or box them away in a corner of your mind they remain with you.

They act as either a very powerful motivating force, propelling you forward towards your success or they act as derailers constantly making you aware of the gap between what you are doing, the way things are; and the things you really want to be doing and the way you really want things to be.

I call this the gap between I want and I should.

The bigger the gap and the longer it has existed the deeper the feelings of underlying dissatisfaction.

I know through personal experience that, if left undiagnosed and unmanaged, these feelings of dissatisfaction can grow to the point where they become unbearable weights that make you feel trapped and unable to change and move forward.

It is through dealing with these issues that you can come through and finally realise that it is absolutely possible to hold your dreams in reality and create a viable plan to achieve them.

ReNeW is based on the three foundations of:

  2. NEEDS

Your resourcefulness is made up of the personal qualities you can bring to bear in any situation you encounter. However over time we “learn” to become less resourceful. As we learn the behaviours that are effective for us we let go of many behaviours that have not been successful. We literally get less resourceful the older we get.

From an early age you have probably been taught to put the needs of others first and to put your own needs second. It is driven into us from an early age that to think of ourselves first is selfish. However this leads to a fundamental misunderstanding about natural human needs and the consequences of not having your needs met in an adult and fulfilling manner.

My guess is that you think of wisdom in connection with someone else; usually someone older and probably someone of status. We tend to think of wisdom sitting outside of ourselves.

But the truth is we are all wise and our wisdom is based on our experiences of life.

This means that your wisdom is different to mine and therefore you see the world differently.

ReNeW is a unique programme developed by me that helps you align your resourcefulness to your needs using your wisdom. It is in this process that you start to allow yourself to recognise and become aware of what you really want.

The reason we tend not to do this naturally is that it can create a sense of fear and anxiety and we get stuck at the “How”. Let’s face it; our dreams are usually called dreams because we don’t know how to make them reality.

By connecting your resourcefulness to your needs through your wisdom, the How becomes clear as you go through the ReNeW process.

ReNeW is only for those who are ready to go deep inside and commit to working on themselves so that the prospect of working towards their dream brings real excitement and deep motivation.

For this reason enrolling on to the ReNeW programme is not an automatic process.

  1. is for you to download the brochure and understand the process so you can decide if you want to progress to step 2.
  2. is a 30 minute consultation with me where we both get a chance to decide if we will be able to work successfully together.
  3. if you are happy with steps 1 and 2 we both make the commitment and get going, after all there is no point in waiting once you’ve decided you want to aim for your dreams.

When you sign up to receive The ReNeW Brochure you will also become a member of my Thinking Mastery Group. As a member of the group you will receive regular, possibly daily, emails from me. The purpose of these emails is to support you as you start to create your new path of thinking. They are not sales emails or newsletters. Each will contain insights carefully written to help you challenge your thinking so you can create the change you want in your life.

I worked with Dene through his ReNeW programme. Having attended Dene’s emotional intelligence workshops I wanted to go deeper and instinctively felt that ReNeW would help me do this. Working with Dene on my emotional intelligence had woken me up to feelings, which I had sort of been aware of, but which I had not really wanted to address and I felt that ReNeW was my opportunity “to grasp the nettle”. I can’t say it was always a comfortable ride, the process forces you to look inward and take personal responsibility for the circumstances you experience in life but Dene helped me to do this in a way that felt safe and empowering.

My biggest learning was to become conscious of the way I show up in the world and to become intentional about it. This is just one aspect of ReNeW but it has helped me transform my relationships with my children, my husband and also in my professional relationships at work. I was unsure to begin with but having completed the programme I am really happy I did it and would recommend it for anybody who wants or needs to make significant changes in their life.

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Are you stuck in a rut, frustrated and wanting to make a fresh start? If so; this FREE and unique training is for you.