This breakthrough videos series by Dene Stuart reveals exactly how to create a success mindset through the application of Empowered Thinking, apply it immediately and use it to realise the potential you always knew you had inside.

This video series walks you through a brand new approach to thinking. Building on the tried and tested strategies of history’s greatest teachers this new and unique framework will help you breakthrough the beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are now.

1. Discover your journey - In video 1 you will learn the 4 key steps of your life journey and discover why you have to be the hero of your own story.


2. Create your map - In video 2 you will discover the map of the world that you have been holding in your mind for many years and how it has been leading you down the wrong path. You will learn how to create a new map that shows you where you want to go.

3. Calibrate your compass - In video 3 you will discover that it is no good having a map if you don’t have a compass to tell you in which direction you are going. You will learn how to calibrate your compass so that it takes you where you want to go.

4. Clean your lens - In video 4 you will discover that a map and compass are no good if you can’t see what they are telling you. You will learn how to clean the lens through which you look at life so you can see where you really want to go.