You’ve Come Here For a Reason

There are now two questions for you to think about.
The first is:
Do you know what that reason is?

You might think it was just idle curiosity that brought you here but the brain doesn’t work like that. If your brain is curios there is a reason for it.

If you can’t answer that question in 10 words or less then you are living in a state of “Unconscious Awareness”.

Unconscious awareness feels something like this:
  • “I know something’s not right but I can’t put my finger on it”
  • “I feel like I could be achieving more but I’m not sure how”
  • “Why don’t the opportunities that other people have come my way?”
  • “I’ve just got a short fuse, I can’t help it”
  • “What’s gone wrong? How do I change things?”

Most, that is about 90 to 95 % of people, live in this state of unconscious awareness. They live their lives in various degrees of happiness or unhappiness blissfully unaware of why things are happening the way they are and then when something goes wrong; at best they’re amazed and can’t believe their bad luck or at worst they have every reason under the sun why it wasn’t their fault.

As you’re taking the time to watch the video or read this then the chances are you have feelings similar to those I’ve described.

Now it’s time for you to face the second question.
Do you want to carry on, on this path?

Well you have a choice:

You can carry on with no certainty that anything will change for the better and with that feeling in the pit of your stomach that things might actually get worse.

Or, you can make a conscious decision, now, that you want things to change.

My bet is that if you have got this far there’s a fair chance these two questions have created a feeling of anxiety within you.

You might be experiencing it as the feeling of being caught between a rock and a hard place.

This might be manifesting itself as a tightening in the chest or even butterflies in the tummy as you think about the implications of making changes in your life.

This is perfectly natural and it is not a childish reaction. It is a consequence of your brain doing what it is supposed to.

Trying to keep you safe.

The fundamental purpose of the brain is to keep us safe and it has all sorts of mechanisms to do this but sometimes these mechanisms stop us from taking the steps we need to take to move on and then we feel trapped.

How am I doing so far?
Are you recognising any of these symptoms?

If so you are not alone it’s where I was for a long period of my adult life. And because I was only unconsciously aware of it I couldn’t do anything about it until it was too late. It was only when I was in the depths of despair that I finally summoned up the strength to do something positive about the situation I was in.

There is an old saying.

“People only change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change”

There’s a truth to that saying because most of us don’t like change, it can be more comfortable living in the certainty of an unhappy or unfulfilling situation than it can be opting to change and having the uncertainty that what might we end up with will be worse than that which we have given up.

The FACT is that this is just a function of the way your brain works in an effort to keep you safe. Breaking out of this straightjacket of ineffective thinking is the first step and that’s why I have written The Beginner’s Guide to The Brain, The Mind and Thinking.

The Beginner’s guide will help you understand the difference between your brain, your mind and your thinking and when you understand this difference you are well on the road to move from a state of unconscious awareness to a state of consciousness that will empower you to make the changes that will bring your life into alignment with your deepest wishes.

Quite a few people who’ve read this think I’m mad for giving it away. My publisher thinks it should have a price £15.99 when you compare it to the other books out there.

So why do I want to give it away?

  1. Firstly: it’s a chance for you to get to know me and the level of my knowledge and to understand I’m not one of these fluffy bunny type thinkers.
  2. Secondly: I know that, if you are like me you need to understand the “why” of why things happen the way they do before you can get your head around making changes.

So I’m very happy to give you this as a free PDF that you can download.

At this stage you don’t have to do anything but read it, because as Bob Proctor, one of the most influential thinkers in personal development said

“Once you raise your conscious awareness, you can never lose it.”

Even as you read the Beginner’s guide you will start to have insights that help you see things in a new light.

If you are the type of person who can take responsibility for the results you achieve in the world then The Beginner’s Guide to The Brain, The Mind and Thinking will help you create a new path to understanding the true cause of the results you’ve been getting so you can start to achieve the results you really want.

When you sign up to receive The Beginner’s Guide you will become a member of my Thinking Mastery Group. As a member of the group you will receive regular, possibly daily, emails from me. The purpose of these emails is to support you as you start to create your new path of thinking. They are not sales emails or newsletters. Each will contain insights carefully written to help you challenge your thinking so you can create the change you want in your thinking.

As you tread your new path you are very likely to feel the inclination to go deeper as you come to realise the resourcefulness that lies within you. At these stages you will receive special offers from me. These are my paid programmes. They are completely optional and if you are not ready for these deeper dives you will always be welcome to stay as a member of the Thinking Mastery Group without having to commit to anything else.

Dene has invested an awful of effort, reading and work to create The Beginner's Guide To The Brain,The Mind and Thinking. It reminded me of Jules Verne's Around The World in 80 days. The feeling I had after reading the book could be summarised as "around psychology, neuro-anatomy and neuro-physiology in forty pages". It is presented in an original way that is ideally suited to the non-expert but someone who is interested in the workings of the brain and how we think.

Dr Z Bobich Founder of the Janus Clinic Psychology Consultants Ltd

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Download Your FREE Copy of The Beginner’s Guide to The Brain, The Mind and Thinking

The Beginner's Guide

A fascinating insight into something most of us take for granted – our inner voice. Littered with ‘aha!’ moments, each skillfully linked to common phenomenon that usually go unquestioned. This book will not only enrich your understanding of the human condition, it will help you recognise the possibilities that surround you every day.

Chris Shaw Vice Chairman Advantage Business Partnerships