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  • The Thinking Manifesto will challenge you to think about the things that are really important to you and will help develop the clarity of thinking you need to drive you forward.
  • The 5 Commitments will challenge you to think about the way you act in any situation. Because the results we get in life are always a consequence of the way we act.
  • The video will explain how to use your Thinking Manifesto and the 5 Commitments so that you can start moving towards your success - today!
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Using his abilities, Dene helped me to discover explanations and solutions for the concerns which troubled me since very long time.

Despite my volcanic personality, his calm and well-structured way of leading our coaching sessions did not generate conflicts, but brought me to a more balanced approach to my professional and private life.

He helped me to listen more to myself and others, to see the people and the business in a wiser way.  He made me understand the power of values as forgiveness, compassion, equality.

During our program, I learnt to think and feel my thoughts and feel and think of my feelings. I start to be conscious about why I do, what I do.

At the end, I learnt to be myself; and for sure, it is one of the greatest achievements of my life..

     Nicoleta Stoian, Regional Business Manager at Vitafoam Romania

Since I started working with Dene he has helped me to think differently about myself and my work. The job is now even more pressurised because we have grown significantly but I now handle it in such a way that my stress has reduced significantly. Since working with Dene I feel I can take on more challenges and I can also see opportunities that I couldn’t before. What I have liked about working with Dene is that he doesn’t tell me what to do; he gives me different ways of thinking about things and then, miraculously, the solution pops into my mind.

Nigel Herring, Registered Manager, Everycare Central surrey Ltd.

It’s not easy to convey in words how much I have appreciated the sessions we have had and I feel this is mainly because, now that I look back on it all, I have found the help and support over the last 18 months quite frankly overwhelming.  Particularly when I look back at the changes you have helped me to manage.  More noticeable is the change I see in myself – I feel like a different person.  One with more confidence to go for it!  I am much more likely to recognise opportunity rather than threat and I understand more about why I am feeling a certain way and how to manage my thoughts and behaviours consciously which is very powerful.

Nicole Speller, Director, Churchmill, Partnership Limited

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About Dene Stuart

Dene is the founder and CEO of The Thinking Revolution and a leader in the field of self-motivation. His area of specialisation is the success mindset and how to create it.

Following a successful career in the media industry Dene now coaches SME business owners.

Dene is a fully accredited practitioner in personality profiling and emotional intelligence and started The Thinking Revolution when he saw that there were some fundamental principles of achieving success.

But he learnt these principles the hard way and his mission is to now get these principles out to the world so that others do not have to go through the same experiences.

Dene is also a speaker and talks about these principles of success and has spoken at such prestigious venues as the IOD, Surrey Chambers of Commerce and The Westminster University

Having enjoyed significant success in a twenty year corporate career and as a business owner he then found himself having to recover from significant setbacks and failures in both his professional and personal life.

The principles of success Dene teaches come from the distillation of these personal experiences and extensive research into the subject of success.

He has worked successfully with many clients from all over the world to help them to overcome their doubts. fears and anxieties so they could push through to their success.

Dene is also a published author with two books to his name.

His first book ResourcefulMe reveals the hidden qualities we all posses and which enable us to deal the myriad different situations we face every day. You can get it by clicking HERE.

His second book The Thinking Revolution: Unleash the full power of your mind. reveals the secrets to breaking through your conditioned thinking so that you can start creating the life you always wanted to live. You can get it by clicking HERE.