I worked with Dene through his ReNeW programme. Having attended Dene’s emotional intelligence workshops I wanted to go deeper and instinctively felt that ReNeW would help me do this. Working with Dene on my emotional intelligence had woken me up to feelings, which I had sort of been aware of, but which I had not really wanted to address and I felt that ReNeW was my opportunity “to grasp the nettle”. I can’t say it was always a comfortable ride, the process forces you to look inward and take personal responsibility for the circumstances you experience in life but Dene helped me to do this in a way that felt safe and empowering.

My biggest learning was to become conscious of the way I show up in the world and to become intentional about it. This is just one aspect of ReNeW but it has helped me transform my relationships with my children, my husband and also in my professional relationships at work. I was unsure to begin with but having completed the programme I am really happy I did it and would recommend it for anybody who wants or needs to make significant changes in their life.

Jacqueline Newman Boo Design

I’m the owner of an accountancy practice based in Surrey. It took me quite a long time to build up the courage to start working with Dene. This was because I knew it would require me to commit to being honest with myself about me and my business which can be hard. From the very first session with Dene I lost any doubts I may have had.

Dene put me at ease from the beginning yet, most importantly, never shied away from asking me those challenging questions, the ones you don’t really want to ask yourself. Since working with Dene my thinking has changed in many ways that I hadn’t expected and I’m really starting to see the benefits in myself and my business. I’ve worked with Dene personally, attended a number of his workshops and have also asked Dene to spend time with my team. It’s not cheap to work with Dene but it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and in my business.

Nicole Speller Churchmill Partnership Ltd

As the registered manager of a home care agency the pressures of providing home care staff to clients can be very intense and I was starting to have symptoms of severe stress. Since I started working with Dene he has helped me to think differently about myself and my work. The job is now even more pressurised because we have grown significantly but I now handle it in such a way that my stress has reduced significantly. Since working with Dene I feel I can take on more challenges and I can also see opportunities that I couldn’t before. What I have liked about working with Dene is that he doesn’t tell me what to do; he gives me different ways of thinking about things and then, miraculously, the solution pops into my mind.

Nigel Herring Registered Manager Everycare Central Ltd

Running my own business in the insurance industry means I work with many people when their emotions are running high. This makes the ability to manage my emotions an important skill to master. Dene’s Emotional Intelligence Mastery programme was great. It introduced me to new ways of thinking about emotional intelligence in a very practical and relevant way. The exercises he took us through in the workshops really helped me to see how I could make the principles work for me in day to day life. I’m not one for giving endorsements and recommendations lightly. I’m really glad I attended Dene’s workshops and have no hesitation in saying if you’re thinking of working with him, go for it.

Clive Harrison Managing Director H2I Insurance Brokers

I attended one of Dene’s Introduction to Emotional Intelligence workshops, which led to me attending his workshop series: “Emotional Intelligence and Mastery”.

As a teacher and an experienced Bereavement Volunteer and Supervisor, increased understanding of emotional intelligence has been very important to me and I have invested time and money towards my own development in this regard.

Dene’s knowledge in this area is immense and, even though I thought of myself as well informed on the subject, Dene has enhanced my knowledge and introduced me to ideas and approaches I hadn’t considered. I’ve just started an MSc in Psychology and I’m really glad I invested in Dene’s programmes. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. They are relevant, accessible and beneficial, as well as being enjoyable.

Naomi Kefford

I worked with Dene, I thought it was great. I now recognise how important it is to speak to people in a way that they are ready to receive what you’re saying. I’m very glad I did it, the team enjoyed it and I would say it was definitely worthwhile.

Elizabeth Marsh Owner Elizabeth Marsh Floral Designs

Having always thought I was reasonably ‘Emotionally Intelligent’ I started the Emotional Intelligence (EI) workshop with Dene thinking ‘do I really need to do this’ which is a very emotionally unintelligent way to think!

The EI workshop, delivered with such passion and understanding from Dene, was enlightening, edifying and inspiring, and quite pushes those boundaries of self-belief.

As the time went on I started to understand what I was learning, week by week, was sinking into my sub-conscious and being applied to my working and my personal life. A wonderful revelation.

Eve Barrett

Dene challenges you to think differently about communication and to put yourself in the shoes of the other person. The exercises allow you to gain hands on experience of the impact of your communication style on others and to see that a different approach gets different results.

John Fisher Partner Roffe Swayne

I have completed an Emotional Intelligence course with Dene and found the content of the 6 session programme informative, valuable and most definitely intriguing. I now have some real insight into the behaviour of not only myself, but more importantly, how to read the motives and actions of others. If only I had this knowledge years ago... Really recommend Dene's work to anyone contemplating thinking about how and why humans communicate in the diverse ways that they do.

Liz Kirk

Working with Dene was easy and relaxed. The process provides great insight which you can use for both personal and professional development and I’d recommend it to anyone in a management role.

Paul Higgs Managing Director Millbank Land Ltd

I feel as though you have given me some very special nuggets of info that will undoubtedly add value to me both in business and my social life. The way you were able to explain and suggest strategies about how to handle certain scenarios so coherently was nothing short of brilliant.

Russ McKenzie Managing Director NTrust Systems

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