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The Start A.F.R.E.S.H Blueprint

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Discover the secret to making a new start. Are you stuck in a rut, frustrated and wanting to make a fresh start? If so; this FREE and unique training is for you.

In this FREE Six module training you discover the essential Six steps you have to master if you are going to move from a life of Surviving and just getting by; to a life of Thriving where you can look forward to each day with enthusiasm and optimism.

The Beginner’s Guide to The Brain, The Mind and Thinking

Downloadable E-Book: £5.99

The Beginner’s Guide to The Brain, The Mind and Thinking is a 48 page e-book. It has been created to help you understand the way your brain works and why you do the things you do.

It is only when you have some understanding of why you do what you do that you can develop effective strategies to bring about long lasting and substantial personal change. This is part of the process that Carl Jung called moving from unconscious awareness to a state of consciousness. It is this development of self awareness that will empower you to make the changes that will bring your life into alignment with your deepest wishes.


Paperback Book: £9.99 / Kindle Edition: £7.19

ResourcefulMe is a book about resourcefulness. It provides the proof that “The Answer Lies Within You” and helps you to identify the unique personal qualities that are the route to your “Answer”. It does this by helping you to bring into your conscious awareness the untapped potential you still have inside that is waiting to be accessed and activated. With its unique and comprehensive map of personal qualities and its meticulously-crafted definitions, it is the perfect tool for understanding and describing the distinct value you bring to the world.

The Thinking Revolution

Paperback Book: £8.49

The Thinking Revolution is here. The Thinking Revolution is a cutting edge guide to creating a style of thinking that will help you thrive in the technologically driven and highly pressurised world we now live in. The human race has progressed from the Stone Age, through the Iron and Bronze Ages to the Agricultural Revolution and the Industrial Revolution and we are now living through the Information Revolution. What comes next? Dene Stuart argues it is The Thinking Revolution.

The Thinking Revolution marks the period in human history when success will not be measured in money and material things but by your ability to bring forth and nurture your personal potential.

The Four Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking

Digital Course: £199.99

In this video series you will get powerful and persuasive insights into the way your mind actually works so you can create a new thinking framework and start making the changes you are looking for; whether in your professional or personal life.

The videos; and the exercises that accompany them in the Empowered Thinking Workbook have been designed to help you look into these 4 aspects of yourself so you can start on your the next phase of your journey immediately.

Total Confidence Framework

Digital Course: £997.00

The Total Confidence Framework is a deep dive into the workings of the mind. ​​​​​​​It is for those who want to understand why they think the way they do; so they can develop their skill in this vital aspect of life and therefore improve the results they achieve. ​​​​​​​It is based in the scientific study of the brain and how it functions; the scientific study of psychology, which helps us to understand why we do the things we do and the philosophical and spiritual writings of the great thinkers through history; which helps us to understand how higher levels of thinking translate into a better quality life.

What People Say About
Working With Dene

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    Nigel Herring, Registered Manager - As the registered manager of a home care agency the pressures of providing home care staff to clients can be very intense and I was starting to have symptoms of severe stress. Since I started working with Dene he has helped me to think differently about myself and my work. The job is now even more pressurised because we have grown significantly but I now handle it in such a way that my stress has reduced significantly.
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    Nicoleta Stoian, Regional Business Manager - Using his abilities, Dene helped me to discover explanations and solutions for the concerns which troubled me since very long time. Despite my volcanic personality, his calm and well-structured way of leading our coaching sessions did not generate conflicts, but brought me to a more balanced approach to my professional and private life.