Your Registration of Interest is Confirmed

Thank you, your registration of interest is confirmed.

You will continue to receive emails from me inviting you to the event but please don’t think this is a mistake.

Experience has shown that a lot can happen between initial registration and the day of the event. This can get in the way of your intention to attend because our natural tendency is to prioritise events as they happen.

It is the natural propensity to do the things that are top of mind rather than those things that are important.

And I can tell you now that there is nothing more important than having a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

I promise that each email will be of value in itself and the objective is to strengthen your wish to attend the webinar.

Once I have an idea of the number of people wanting to attend I will send you the final registration form, and it is this form that will guarantee your place on the webinar.

With my very best wishes,

Dean Stuart's SignatureDene Stuart
Chief Thinking Officer