• Discover which of the four personality types you are and why other people react to you the way they do
  • Determine which of the four types your team and colleagues are so you can manage them more effectively
  • Understand why you can become frustrated with some people and develop strategies to beat your frustrations
  • Learn how to build bridges with people you always thought were difficult to work with; without them ever knowing how you did it
  • Learn how to develop rock solid relationships that will enable you to perform at your best and also bring the best out of the people you work with
  • Understand why the people you work with behave the way they do and discover how to get more from them and have them say "thank you"


Having used The Professional Relationship Builder with a group of clients recently I was amazed by the results. Not only did the tool help them understand their own strengths, weaknesses and blind-spots, but it also gave them deep insight into the importance of recruitment and team dynamics. A number of the group were finally able to understand team performance issues they'd been battling for months, whilst others recognised what support they needed in order to perform at their best. I would not hesitate in recommending The Professional Relationship Builder to anyone looking to improve their career experience. 

Chris Shaw, Head of Culture and Communication, Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd.

Career success is built on two platforms. The ability to do the job and the ability to build relationships. These are clearly very closely linked but the reality is that even with the advancement in understanding, driven by research in the field of psychology and emotional intelligence, most organisations invest little or no money in helping their  people to develop their skills in relationship development. This puts the responsibility for career management and development very much in your own hands; if you are going to achieve your personal ambitions and realize the success you want. With The Professional Relationship Builder you will learn how to create successful relationships that work for you and help you achieve your personal and professional objectives.

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About Dene Stuart

Dene is the founder and CEO of The Thinking Revolution and a leader in the field of self-motivation. His area of specialisation is the success mindset and how to create it.

Following a successful career in the media industry Dene now coaches SME business owners and senior executives of large corporations and has spoken at the IOD, Surrey Chambers of Commerce and The Westminster University Business School.

Dene is a fully accredited practitioner in personality profiling and emotional intelligence and started The Thinking Revolution when he saw that there were some fundamental principles of achieving success.

But he learnt these principles the hard way and his mission is to now get these principles out to the world so that others do not have to go through the same experiences.

Dene is also a speaker and talks about these principles of success. Having enjoyed significant success in a twenty year corporate career and as a business owner he then found himself having to recover from significant setbacks and failures in both his professional and personal life.

The principles of success Dene talks about are the distillation of these personal experiences and extensive research into the subject of success.

He has also worked successfully with many clients to help them to overcome their doubts. fears and anxieties so they could push through to their success.