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The Start A.F.R.E.S.H Blueprint
In this FREE Six module training you discover the essential Six steps you have to master if you are going to move from a life of Surviving and just getting by; to a life of Thriving where you can look forward to each day with enthusiasm and optimism. module 1 you will discover the one thing that 85% of people are not prepared to do and which stops them from escaping their current circumstances
... in module 2 you will learn how to break out of old habits so you can start making progress quickly 
... module 3  will give you the technique used by successful entrepreneurs and career professionals so that you can see and take advantage of the opportunities "out there" waiting for you 
... in module 4 you will learn how to get rid of that feeling of being trapped by what you are doing now. 
...module 5 will show you how to create meaning and purpose in the choices you make; so you feel fulfilled in what you do module 6 you will discover how to relight your old fire and enthusiasm by connecting back to the infinite potential of your  personal qualities 
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I developed the Start A.F.R.E.S.H Blueprint because there was nothing like it available when I was going through my career and personal crises.

I knew I needed help to break out of the rut I had created for myself but I just couldn't find anything that answered the questions going through my mind.

So I ended up working it all out for myself and it took me years and £000's invested in seminars and training; only to find out that the answers were there all the time. Just waiting to be discovered, if only someone had been able to point me in the right direction and help me find them.

The answers came from two wildly different, yet connected, directions.

The first was the wisdom that is ooo's of years old and can be found in the teachings of the great Chinese, Japanese and Indian philosphers. These lessons just hadn't been put together in a way that made sense for someone pushing onto the 7.00am train to London every morning, working in a highly pressurised environment for 10 to 12 hours only to face the same stressful journey home.

These old lessons, whilst so relevant in the modern world we live in today, just didn't resonate because of their ancient language.

But then I discovered the world of neuroscience and modern psychology and suddenly the connections started to appear and, what's more, they made perfect sense.

So that's where the concepts I share in the Start A.F.R.E.S.H Blueprint come from.

So; why am I giving it away FREE?

I believe this is the training we should all have been given when we were at school, but it wasn't thought important back in those days. Certainly not when I was at school.

But what makes me mad is that it is not considered to be important today; even with all the advances in research that provide incontrovertible evidence. And, having seen my two children go through school in the last few years, I know it still isn't being taught today.

I want to change all that.

But you're no longer at school, you've probably got a good numbers of years of experience under your belt and yet you're still looking for some answers and the help to get you moving in the direction you really want to go.

Well you've come to the right place.

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Dene Stuart is the founder of The Thinking Revolution and the author of The Thinking Revolution: Unleash The Full Power Of Your Mind and an award winning speaker.

 He works with individuals and groups to help them breakthrough the mental barriers that are keeping them from developing their full potential and holding them back from achieving their goals, ambitions, and dreams.
He works with...

  ...Senior managers and career professionals  in large and international organisations, as they navigate their way through the challenges of organisational life.

...Business owners as they take on the challenges of entrepreneurial life.

 ... Those at a crossroads who face the challenge of which decision to make next.

He has spoken at The Institue of Directors, Surrey Chambers of Commerce and for the last four years at the University of Westminster Skills Academy.  
Here are some case studies from clients who have worked with me to make fresh starts in their lives.
This training is for you if...

- You have the feeling that there is more to you than you are currently showing the world. But you don't know how to get the "Real" you out there.

​- You’re thinking of starting a business but aren't sure if it's the right step for you.

​- You’re in a job but face the possibility of redundancy or retirement and you’re not sure what to do next

- You've done the caring parent bit and now you want to have some life for you.

- You’re working really hard but are just not getting the rewards you deserve.

- You feel tired, burnt out and have lost your energy.

- You've achieved all your ambitions and are wondering, "What comes next?"

When you have completed  this FREE training you’ll have discovered…

The 6 aspects of mindset all successful people possess that enables them to power through the challenges and obstacles that occur on their journey 

How to overcome the  mental barriers that cause 85% of people to stick in jobs they don't enjoy, working for organisations they don't like. 

The secret to creating opportunity and possibilities where you previously thought there were none.

The key to overcoming the natural fear that is the most common cause of people not following their dreams and settling for a life of surviving.

How to access the personal qualities you know you possess but which have been hidden by the stresses of everyday life

How to shape your thinking so you can achieve the results you really want



What is the Start A.F.R.E.S.H Blueprint ?
It is a FREE 6 module, on-line training programme. Designed to help anyone who is stuck and doesn't know how to break out safely. The key aspect of making major changes is knowing that the outcomes of the decisions and choices you make will, in fact, be better than the way things are currently. It is the lack of certainty about what might happen in the future that stops most people from taking the decisions that will lead them to the future they really want.

The Start A.F.R.E.S.H Blueprint has been carefully designed to help you create a decision pathway that you can believe in and commit to.


What makes you an expert in Starting Afresh?
I have experienced significant success in both the corporate world and as a business owner but I achieved this success through unconscious competence, I actually didn’t know what it was I was doing; my success just came naturally. It was only after I experienced major failures in my professional and personal life and then couldn’t recreate my natural success that I had to look into what it took to become successful. After Five years of research and working with hundreds of people to help them achieve their success I have been able to isolate the six key strategies that enable my clients to move from a life of Survival to a life of Thriving.

What happens when I sign up? 
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You will also be signed up to receive my emails which I send out 3 times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These are not sales emails. They contain the latest concepts in thinking strategies and some personal stories to help you continue on your Personal Mastery Journey. 
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