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Why Emotional Intelligence is not enough

Emotional Intelligence is now widely regarded as one of the key skills required if you are going to be successful in your career, whether that’s as an employee, as a business owner or entrepreneur.

The reason for this is that, nowadays, it is impossible to be successful on your own. Whatever you choose to do you will need to work with other people. You need to be able to create, build and nurture relationships with a wide range of different people so you can work effectively with them. Research carried out by psychologist Daniel Goleman revealed that the key to working effectively with other people is emotional intelligence.

The first cornerstone of emotional intelligence is self-awareness and what I’ve discovered is that there are two aspects to self-awareness:

In my book, ResourcefulMe I reveal the second aspect of self-awareness that Daniel Goleman and all the other experts in emotional intelligence don’t tell you about.


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The second aspect of self-awareness, has been less written about but it is equally as important, is your awareness of the range of your personal qualities, your resourcefulness.

If you are familiar with personal development then you will have no doubt come across the phrase “The answer lies within you”.

The trouble is none of the courses or programmes that use this phrase actually go on to explain what the answer is or where it will come from.

It was my frustration with this state of affairs that led me to write ResourcefulMe.

ResourcefulMe is the definitive guide to the personal qualities that we all have

It is the source that will enable you to see that the answer does indeed lie within you and it will enable you to see what that answer is.

But, here’s the problem: over time, maybe you’ve become reliant on just a narrow range of your personal qualities and you turn to them, time and time again, when you face the challenges of life. And, potentially this has led you to forget about the full range of the personal qualities you possess and possibly, as a result, you’ve lost confidence in some areas of your resourcefulness. Maybe you’ve been faced with challenges that require a different approach to your normal response but in the moment you weren’t able to call on that different approach.

That is when you need to have the self-awareness of the full range of your personal qualities.

Your personal qualities are like your muscles, if you use them you keep them strong and flexible but if you don’t then the quality withers away and you lose your ability to use it. However it never dies completely and, by rebuilding your self-awareness of your inherent resourcefulness, you bring back into your range of responses those very qualities that you didn’t believe you possessed.

ResourcefulMe is the essential companion for anyone who wants to fully develop their self-awareness and become more effective both at work and in their personal life.

It is a dynamic and easy approach to self-awareness that will help you to identify the full range of your personal and professional qualities. With its unique and comprehensive map of personal qualities and its meticulously-crafted definitions, it provides the perfect tool for understanding and describing the distinctive value you bring to the world.

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In today’s rapidly changing world the ability to build effective relationships is now valued and demanded more than any other and your ability to do this successfully is rooted in your total self-awareness.

ResourcefulMe is a powerful and practical book that will enable you to:-

  • Develop your self-awareness so you can be more successful in evry aspect of your professional and personal life
  • Add to your personal value as you expand the scope of your resourcefulness
  • Build your self-confidence as you boost the range of the personal qualities you can call on to deal with the challenges of life
  • Enable you to live authentically, knowing you are truly living to the potential you know you have inside

It is only when you can access the full range of your personal qualities that you will begin to live to the potential you know you have inside and live the life you always wanted.


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