Create The Future You Really Want

About Dene Stuart

Dene writes, talks, consults, coaches and just lives and breathes the idea of conscious success. He helps individuals and companies to define what success really means for them and then helps them to identify and implement the strategies they need to achieve that success.

Dene is based in the UK but works with people from all over the world who want to find their true meaning and purpose in what they do. He does this either on a one-to-one basis or through live workshops and webinars. Dene helps with everything from finding the deep down motivation that is key to achieving long term success to the self-belief that is needed to break-through the thinking that keeps people stuck where they are.

Dene’s core belief is that we all have a seed of success at the heart of our inner most being. Most people feel the call of their seed of success but feel that it is self-indulgent to listen to it and follow it. Dene believes the opposite: if you aren’t connected to your true seed of success you will never experience the depth of meaning and fulfilment that is possible.