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We all know about the power of the mind, but seldom has there been such a clear jog through this fascinating subject. 
A must for anyone who finds themselves struggling at a crossroads in their life, or who simply has a keen interest in the brain and the workings of the mind.
Anthony Longden
 Journalist and Media Consultant
Dene's books are thought-provoking, allowing you to analyse your own behaviour, in the comfort of your own home.
The book highlights how different our mind, brain and thinking are and what makes us who we are.
Life is for living and this book will help you to achieve your goals.

Sarah Dawkins RN
​​​​​​​BSc, MSc, Director, Dawkins Health Consultancy and Celtic Sanctuary
I believe this book is so important as Neuroscience has taught us a lot about the brain.
Understanding the brain is important for each of us to live our lives to the full and successfully.
Dene very clearly and compellingly helps us to do this through reading this book.

Dr Ian Dodds 
Ian Dodds Consulting Ltd
This work forms a great bridge into the world of our innermost thoughts. A real understanding of these can transform a business and the people operating within its structure. Whether you are a business owner or an employee you will benefit from the insights this book has to offer.

Liz Marsh FRSA
Elizabeth Marsh Floral Design Ltd
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