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In The Thinking Revolution:
Unleash The Full Power of Your Mind
you will discover...
... the 3 aspects of your thinking that determine everything that happens in your life and how to master them so you achieve what you want in your professional and personal life

...the 5 keys to unlock your unbeatable motivation so you can overcome any obstacle in your path

...the one thing you absolutely have to do if you are going to create the future you really want

The Thinking Revolution 
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The Thinking Revolution: Unleash The Full Power of Your Mind
What are you looking for?

In today's fast changing, fast moving world it can be difficult to know what you want to do and where you want to go. But deep down your mind already knows. It's only your current thinking patterns that are getting in the way. 
You will discover how to create clarity in your thinking and gain your purpose.
Maybe you're already good at what you do and successful. But that doesn't mean you don't have doubts, worries and concerns. In fact, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, your high level of self-confidence could be the very thing holding you back. As your confidence only confirms your doubts and concerns and reinforces the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world.
You will learn the secret to opening your mind to new ideas and reinforcing your confidence at the same time. 
We live in an uncertain world and it is this uncertainty that causes feelings of doubt and apprehension about the future. It is only in coming to terms with uncertainty that you can make the decisions that will take you towards the future you really want.
You will discover the paradox that true self-confidence comes from your ability to accept uncertainty.
True commitment comes from the belief you have in yourself and the trust that you have the resources to come through the tests and challenges that will show up along the path of your journey. But until you are fully committed to your vision of the future you want to create you will find it difficult to take the first step.
You will discover the key to confident commitment - the path to the future you really want.
Whatever you are looking for, you will find the answer in...
The Thinking Revolution:
Unleash The Full Power of Your Mind
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Dene has written a remarkable book that captures the skills of thinking we can all adopt to achieve our highest goals, achieve success on our own terms and realise the hidden potential that lies within us all.

Andy Harrington, founder of the Public Speakers University and Sunday Times best-selling author of Passion Into Profit

An uplifting and empowering read with stimulating new ideas and easy to follow conversational style.    Accessible to all ages and backgrounds, this is a ‘must-read’ for everyone who wants to analyse and unlock aspects of their life.

Jenny Simnett, 
Managing Director, People in Places Ltd

We all think. We all are at times thoughtful. What Dene has achieved with The Thinking Revolution is remarkable, he uniquely offers to the reader the means to think for success.  
This is so much more than another self help book, it’s a product of passion, knowledge and great thought applied.

Ben Hart
 Founder - We Are Atmosphere and You Are Oxygen.
​​​​​​​Professor of marketing, Hult International Business School.

Dene not only gives us wonderful exercises to use as practice in our lives but also he shares so candidly about his life and how he was able to apply his theories to his "circumstances" and create the results he wanted.
​​​​​The Thinking Revolution has caused a revolution within me, my thinking and what is now possible. 

Gozi Halima
Executive Coach, Founder of the Soul Summit London

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The Thinking Revolution:
Unleash The Full Power Of Your Mind

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