Create The Future You Really Want

12 Month Coaching Program:

Create Your Future

Create Your Future is a 12 Month Life Transformation program.

It is for you if any of the following apply:

  • Having devoted your life to a particular direction the future now looks uncertain and you are questioning your value in this rapidly changing world
  • The last few years have been a constant struggle. The demands of work and family have caused conflict and you are determined that the next few years do not play out the same way
  • You have reached a stage in your life where you are now questioning some of the choices and sacrifices you made and you want to make sure that the next 5 to 10 years are fulfilling and meaningful for you and your loved ones
  • You have achieved your key goals in life and are now asking “What’s next?”

Why 12 Months?

You may have come across other programs that promise everything from 7-day transformations to instant change. In my experience, lasting change is not achieved in an instant, although the decision to change can be.

Creating a new direction and long-term change takes:

  • Clarity of Vision: It is usually a lack of clarity that is the first hurdle in the way of those trying to make changes. It can be very difficult to create a clearly articulated vision of how you would like your life to play out in the next few years. Past experience and current responsibilities can get in the way of clarity and it usually takes time for a vision to take shape and become something you can truly believe in and commit to.
  • Determination and Perseverance: The road to achievement is never smooth or easy. And while some people can make it appear so, it is because they have embraced the principles of Personal Mastery that underpin the Create Your Future program. Personal Mastery is a lifelong pursuit, and once the principles are understood it is both hugely rewarding and brings lifetime benefits.

There is no doubt that you can experience quick change and gains from the Create Your Future program but the reality is, it will take time to truly embed the principles into your thinking.

So, this program is only for people, like you, who want to make deep and lasting change and are willing to make the commitment to themselves to see the program through to the end.

How It Works

Create Your Future is a structured programme; consisting of a 1-2-1 meeting every two weeks, these can be in person if location allows or by video call if distance is an issue.

Each session will cover a particular aspect of the future that you wish to create.

Our method ensures that you will have a unique experience, related to your specific desire for the future, guided by the tried and tested principles that guarantee results.

Between each session you will be given an exercise specific to a certain aspect of your thinking. You will need to be prepared to work on the exercises and implement the learning in your everyday life.

If you implement the learning from each session you will start to experience positive results very quickly; enabling each session to build on the last. This will create momentum and the “compound effect”; which will allow you to achieve very big shifts in a relatively short time frame.

The Application Process

Personal one-to-one coaching and mentoring with Dene in the Create Your Future program is strictly by application only.

Complete the simple and easy application form below.

When you have completed and sent in your form, Dene will contact you to arrange an initial 30-minute FREE consultation. It is important that both you and Dene are confident that Create Your Future is the right solution for you. The objective of the consultation is to ensure that your needs will be served by Dene and the Create Your Future program.

At this stage fees can be discussed; Dene offers several payment options so that there will be at least one that suits your circumstances and budget.

What People Say About
Working With Dene

  • Name
    Nigel Herring, Registered Manager - As the registered manager of a home care agency the pressures of providing home care staff to clients can be very intense and I was starting to have symptoms of severe stress. Since I started working with Dene he has helped me to think differently about myself and my work. The job is now even more pressurised because we have grown significantly but I now handle it in such a way that my stress has reduced significantly.
  • Name
    Nicoleta Stoian, Regional Business Manager - Using his abilities, Dene helped me to discover explanations and solutions for the concerns which troubled me since very long time. Despite my volcanic personality, his calm and well-structured way of leading our coaching sessions did not generate conflicts, but brought me to a more balanced approach to my professional and private life.