Create The Future You Really Want

6 Month Coaching Program:

R.A.I.S.E. Your Game

R.A.I.S.E Your Game is a 6 Month “Get Your Life Back” programme.

It is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You are at one of those crossroads in life and can’t decide which way to go
  • Events, which you used to deal with calmly and positively, are now causing you to feel stressed and to react with impatience and intolerance
  • You are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and you do not feel as confident as you used to
  • Your career has reached a plateau and it no longer provides you with job satisfaction
  • Your business is not delivering the returns you want; whether that is in financial terms or in terms of your level of freedom and flexibility
  • Your personal and/or professional relationships are strained as a consequence of the pressures you currently live with

The Raise Your Game process has been specifically designed by Dene; based on his personal experiences of having to deal with all the above symptoms and not being able to find the support he needed in those times.

He has now helped hundreds of people to raise their game, so they can break out of the deep, ingrained thinking habits that have been holding them back from achieving the meaning and fulfilment they want from life.


Responsibility is misunderstood by most people. It is seen as a burden to be carried.

In this module you will discover the joy of responsibility and the freedom it offers.


Action is the natural mindset of most people.

In this module you will discover the hidden psychology of taking action that will either stop you in your tracks or propel you forward.


Inspiration is the source of your energy.

In this module you will discover the two different types of inspiration and how to tap into the right one at the time.


Stop is about understanding the power of your emotions.

In this module you will discover how to stop being hijacked by your emotions (even if you think that doesn't happen to you).


Empowerment comes when you can overcome your fears and live automatically to your values.

In this module you will learn how to do both.

How It Works

Raise Your Game is a structured programme; the objective of which is to raise your awareness of the way in which the brain and mind work at the unconscious level. This is essential to understand because it is your behaviours driven by your unconscious thinking that derail you from achieving your goals in both your professional and personal life.

The programme consists of a 1-2-1 meeting every two weeks, these can be in person if location allows or by video call if distance is an issue.

Each meeting will cover a particular aspect of the Raise Your Game programme depending on your need at the time. This ensures that you have a unique experience, related to your specific needs, guided by the tried and tested principles that guarantee results.

Between each session you will be given an exercise specific to a certain aspect of your thinking. To achieve the results that are possible you must be willing to work on the exercises and implement the learning in your everyday life.

When you implement the learning from each session you will start to experience positive results very quickly; enabling each session to build on last. This will create momentum and the “compound effect”; which will allow you to achieve very big shifts in a relatively short time frame.

The Application Process

Personal one-to-one coaching and mentoring with Dene is strictly by application only.

Complete the simple and easy application form below.

When you have completed and sent in your form Dene will contact you to arrange an initial 30-minute FREE consultation. It is important that both you and Dene are confident that the Raise Your Game process is the right solution for you. The objective of the consultation is to ensure that your needs will be served by Dene and the Raise Your Game process. At this stage fees can be discussed: Dene offers several payment options so there will be at least one that suits your circumstances and budget.

What People Say About
Working With Dene

  • Name
    Nigel Herring, Registered Manager - As the registered manager of a home care agency the pressures of providing home care staff to clients can be very intense and I was starting to have symptoms of severe stress. Since I started working with Dene he has helped me to think differently about myself and my work. The job is now even more pressurised because we have grown significantly but I now handle it in such a way that my stress has reduced significantly.
  • Name
    Nicoleta Stoian, Regional Business Manager - Using his abilities, Dene helped me to discover explanations and solutions for the concerns which troubled me since very long time. Despite my volcanic personality, his calm and well-structured way of leading our coaching sessions did not generate conflicts, but brought me to a more balanced approach to my professional and private life.